'A Heavenly Promise' by our founder, Cathy Howe

A heavenly Promise Living her dream with a wonderful husband and three beautiful children, Cathy Howe will tell you she had it all, was in complete control, and couldn’t want a better life, although at times hope eluded her.

Then, in 1991, the bottom fell out. Diagnosed with a rare blood disease, she suddenly found herself confined to a bed, stripped of even the simple pleasures in life, and faced with an unknown future. Surrendering to God, and the loving arms of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she soon found herself led to a small village in the former Yugoslavia called Medjugorje.

Here God Lifted her to the challenges and triumphs He had in store for her, leading her through her suffering to come to the aide of thousands in a war torn country and here in America. Along the way, she would face more hardship, including a diagnosis of cancer that would be miraculously healed.

IN SEARCH OF MY MOTHERS GARDEN is a book that will change your life, for it’s a story of hope, courage and faith that will leave you knowing the best is always yet to come when we trust the future belongs to God.


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