About Our Mission

Mother’s Hope has set out to achieve this goal in two ways.

First, to offer assistance, emotional and financial, to families who have children suffering from cancer in Western Pennsylvania. The money is distributed to families who are in urgent need as their needs arise through the Mother’s Hope Foundation Endowment Fund at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.

Second, to benefit the child refugees of Bosnia-Hercegovina whose lives have been shattered by war. All overseas funds are handed directly to Fr. Dragan Ruzic, a Franciscan Priest from St. James Parish in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Father Ruzic oversees the disbursement of the money for building.

Our Mission at Home and Abroad

Our Mission in Pittsburgh

Endowment Fund at Children’s Hospital

Inspired by the personal story of cancer survivor and founder, Cathy Howe, the Mother’s Hope Foundation established the Mother’s Hope Foundation Endowment Fund at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to help families whose children are receiving cancer treatment at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.


Our Mission in Bosnia-Hercegovina

Even though the Bosnian War has ended, still today countless children are living one day, one moment at a time from the aftermath of the war. Many still without homes, living in orphanages. They have been stripped of their God-given right to live in peace, and in a very real way they, who are still living, are the greatest victims of the war, for in many ways their suffering has only just begun


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