About Us

Our Mission

Mother’s Hope has set out to achieve this goal in two ways. First, to offer assistance, emotional and financial, to families who have children suffering from cancer in Western Pennsylvania. The money is distributed to families who are in urgent need as their needs arise through the Mother’s Hope Foundation Endowment Fund at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation

Our History

In June of 1994 Cathy Howe, a homemaker living in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania traveled to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina following the passing of her mother. While there she visited the Capljina refugee camp in Tasovcici. She was part of a humanitarian group which was greeted by children and adults left homeless by the Bosnian War.

Our Founder

Cathy Howe lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, Jim, of 41 years and has three children and three grandchildren. Being a wife, mother and nana was her dream, but through God’s Grace and Our Blessed Mother’s endless love, she is ever growing into another role – a role bringing hope to children as Founder and Executive Director of Mother’s Hope Foundation.
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